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I just added some new greeting cards and pix to the weekly pic section. Im start to work on the poems and my on section of the page. I guess daz all i did, i slept all day daz why. Anyways bac to work.
Aug. 12,2002 7:50pm

I just added ne song lyic's to the poem section. I added some midis up, japnese, chinese, and korean artist toon. Hits form their albam. I also put some new lil gif thingy up hope yah enjoy some of the new stuff.
Aug. 13,2002 8:24pm

Today i didnt stick anythang up but i will soon after i upload them. Im just adding new cute gifs and lil buttom...maybe... Right now im changing my layout theme, it not going to be pink but ill call it sunflower. I think i might add some new midi's and lil week pix that i just done cutting up. But i still working on my theme so you hav to wait.
Aug 14, 2002 7:49pm

Aug 15,2002: No update

It might take me longer to update my since school is starting on monday for me...1st day of high sckoo..."SCARY"...right now, im changing my page and adding some new stuff. Not alot but useful things. Ill try to put some html codes but yah hav tah wait for dat. Latter
Aug 16, 2002 7:06pm

Just added To-ya gif clips, didnt added anythang yet. I just now finished updating the pages. I guess ill add stuff latter, getting kinda lazy and sleepy from watch tv.

Aug 17, 2002 12:04
I added some new lyic's in, Kpop...One by HOT "A song for a lady" translated in to english and Boa "Sara" the english version. I also added somethang to the left, on the midi section. A New Utada, Dj Doc, Leon lai, shierly kwan, and baby vox midi's but old songs. I think i should add some more cute stuff but i still think about the html stuff, i dunt think i might hav dah time to add a new section in.

Check out Yellow Generation's new 2nd single.
Releases on 2002.0.21

Poem of the week

When I Sleep In Your Arms
08 . 08 . 02
When I sleep in your arms
The world can fall to shattered pieces
The sky can fold in horrid creases
The storm can damage as it pleases
I am still safe.
When I sleep in your arms
The winter cold can live year round
The sun can burn into the ground
For as long as you can be found
I am still safe

Weeky pix

Picture gallery
I main put up azn singer and stars, but i put some white singer and black singer. Anyways click on the pic number and ther picture will appear on the weekly pic on the side, above the tag board. Ill put some more pic up latter but jux look at those for awhile until im dune with everythang.
Aug 11 11:25pm
Lee Jung Hyun: 1::2::3::4::Fly to the sky: Brian:: 1:: Fanny:: 2:: Black Beat: Ji Hoon:: 1::2::D. Bace Hyun Jun:: 1::2::3::Morning Musume:1::2::3::4::5::BoA:: 1::2::3::4::Park Ji Yoon 1::Tasha "T":: ::1::2::3

By Auyim H. :: A Walk By Namie :: Fly to Moon+automatic By Utada
For get by Lina Wong :: I Do by Faye Wong ::Will You by Shierly Kwan:: My Dearst+romance By Leon Lai ::
Why+Change By baby vox :: bahkkwuh By Lee Jung Hyun :: Steal Away By Park JI Yoon:: Run to you by Dj DOC

Doll Collection

i jus think these are more prettier then the other ones.

Cute Moving Clips

Arnt they soo cute, just wanna add a lil cute-ness to my page.

For the fanz of...
Aug 16,2002

IntroSoo ic you found my lil page is still a big working zone, but i hav some stuff up not alot. Just to Warn yah, this page is a fan site, html site, or any of that shi-o-t that yall might think. Wah ever you see is what yah be getting...aith, so no big question about it. O Yea, this page isnt a site or a anti fan page......mainly this page is made for my friends to come into and other stuff.....SHUT THE FU*K UP IF YAH DUNT LIKE IT!! ....thank you for ur moment.
Aug 9, 2002 5:27pm

Well time just past by for me and now I just got the poem up and some lil cute pix for the asian avenue people. The poem is made by chinese fans and singers but i didnt lable it, the title on there soo dunt think I wrote the poem...Credite'z go to the fans and other azn peeps that wrote it.
Aug 9, 2002

The pix r mainly my favoite artist...korean, chinese, and japanese. The pix arnt full size, just cut up parts, i didnt put up muc but more might come latter if im not soo thiz moment...gettin crazy gettin alot of things dunt and skoo is comin. Just to many things need tah be dune. I didnt even update any of my AA pages. OO pooh, to muc e mail from my friends....i didnt even read half of it, i just got dunt with one...and all of it was from june to tah day.

Hey, join my mail list, chat room, what ever is up in here. I think i should make a pen pal section, hmm...gotta think of that for a while.....hey i just join the lil azn home page thingy. I might not go any where but stay a #25 but still that pretty good.^^

::Greeting Card::
I didnt make that muct cards but im still working on it. Im gong to add some latter but jux try to enjoy what yah see and I added some nix midi's. First u hav to pic your card, "Preview before sending", and then go to the buttom and click nex to enter ther nex step and pic your bg and music.
Aug 11, 2002 12:56

Hey, join my mail list. So that you know when i finish updating my page or know what i just added. Besides, ill tell you what i just put up in here," in the letter". Or you can just come in here and check for yourself. Well, now imma go do somethang else.

Wanna be part of the top ten sites, you can add yourself in if yah wanna. Or do you just wanna be part of my page. If yah do, you can add yourself here, so that other people that visit my page can visit yours.

Guest Map
Well, this is kinda like a guest book but different, kinda like a map. Still i think its a guest book. If yah sign it it might make me happy, all u hav to do is go in there and click on post and find the area you live at or wanna live at den post you lil message. Thats sooo simple, If you wanna you can sign it or my tag board. 12:24pm

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